Alloy Customisation Surrey

For alloy customisation in Surrey, you can depend on the team of specialists at Alloy Kings, based in Feltham, to deliver exactly what you pictured. 

We Can Design Your Alloys To Suit You

Why not transform the way your car looks with our alloy rim customisation service? You can choose the exact colour and effects to create a truly bespoke alloy wheel. Our experts can also offer a colour match to your vehicle if required, together with a range of effects including glow effects, metal flake, glitter effects and shadows. We aim to fulfil your customisation requirements - you name it, we'll make it happen!
With years of experience in this line of business, we only offer the best customisation services to our clients. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

gold plate design
glitter rim design
Colourful rim design

The custom alloy process

We first remove the tyres and give the alloys a thorough wash to remove any dirt. Our technicians then look closer for any possible corrosions and dents. Any scuffs are repaired and filled to provide a firm foundation that we can work on. Then we apply a base coat followed by your chosen color before putting the alloy in the bake oven. 

If requested, any additional effects are applied to the rim before the application of lacquer. The completed alloy rims are re-inspected and quality assured before being re-fitted to the wheels.

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